Extra Large Wednesday Edition

readper newsletter for May 12, 2021

UF & PNR Box Set

Grab a box set of fantastic urban fantasy and paranormal romance stories. Here Be Pirates features works by Angela Kulig, Margo Bond Collins, Larry Kollar and more. Just released and brand new by Green Envy Press!

Free SciFi Download

The Fate of Spectrums by Nicholas Lawrence Carter is available free by downloading directly off StoryOrigin. Here’s the blurb:

Jana is the noble ruler of Cashari--the star system she calls home. But when she meets the mythical conqueror Corianna, her life takes an unexpected turn.

There are no others like Corianna. An aura of energy surges around her body, her hair shines like a star atop her head, and she has lived for millions of years. Corianna has seen a vision of the future. A celebration of her ascension, but there is a darkness in this vision. Something tragic will lead her there.

There is a vile presence in the universe. An otherworldly group of beings that bring death and inherent power from those they slay. When the pull of Corianna's power beckons these demented creatures, unlikely bonds form and set a deadly series of events into motion--with the fate of reality itself hanging in the balance!

Marvelous & Magical May Books

We have a wide variety of speculative fiction titles on StoryOrigin this week, including a title by yours truly. All are in Kindle Unlimited and most are on sale! Click on over and find something new to read!

Free Fantasy Sci-Fi

Of Cinder and Bone by USA Today best selling author Kyoko M. features an expert blend of science fiction and fantasy. Dragons are brought back from extinction . . . then stolen. Don’t miss all the action!