fantasy books and sci-fi must reads for Wednesday

readper wooly wednesdays for 9-29-21

We’ve got a fantasy trilogy on sale and a great free sci-fi series starter picked out for you this week. Also, a HUGE selection of fantasy titles on sale over at StoryOrigin!


The Forlorn Dagger Trilogy Box Set by yours truly offers three full fantasy novels with danger, magic, intrigue and more!

Forged from the ore of a fallen star, the Forlorn Dagger absorbs all magic. Ideal for assassinating wizards, it’s been missing for centuries until it appears in the library of a mysterious collector. Now an exceptional thief has stolen it . . . Thus begins an epic fantasy set in a wonderful world where everybody has at least a little magic. Enjoy the complete series, three full-length fantasy novels starting with Thieves and Wizards. Sail with pirates as they travel to magical islands open to a select few. Train with a princess as she seeks to become a battlemaiden. Ride with dwarves through intense subterranean warfare. Fly in a floating castle as powerful wizards seek to undo bloody coups.

Enter the world of the Forlorn Dagger. Download this box set today!

Grab it now. On sale for a limited time!

Free Science Fiction

The Auriga Project by M.G. Herron features loads of action and interdimensional archeological intrigue!

Ripped from Earth and transported to a strange new world, archaeologist Eliana Fisk is taken captive by the leaders of a native tribe.

What do they want with her? She’s not sure, but they don’t seem friendly.

When she discovers evidence of an ancient sacrificial ritual, Eliana fears she’ll be next. Can she avoid becoming an offering to their bloodthirsty god?

And how in the worlds will she ever get back home?

You’ll love the fast-paced action in this science fiction thriller. It’s a harrowing tale of survival against all odds, and the gateway to an ancient alien mystery.

Download it now!

Huge Fantasy Sale

The September Fantastic Fantasy Sale is in full swing over on StoryOrigin! Choose from a wide selection of titles, all at good prices. Find something something great to read!