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readper wooly wednesday for 9-22-21

Longtime colleague Rhett C. Bruno reached out lately to talk about his brand new science fiction thriller he wrote with James Wolanyk. Operation Brushfire debuted yesterday and has rocketed up the charts to the top of its categories. It remains one of the most popular books on Amazon this morning.

Here’s the blurb:

Henry Stasik, an Internal Affairs agent for the globe-spanning Coalition, is no stranger to crooked agents or scandals. He's a truth junkie. An addict.

But when international celebrity Anastasia Danicheva specifically demands his presence at a police station, everything changes. The Coalition, which has brought peace through uniting the world under a single banner, wants her dead. But their case against her doesn't add up.

Stasik can’t help but need to know why.

Hours after taking her under his department's protection, a cybernetically enhanced hitman nips at Stasik's heels. Witnesses disappear or turn up in pools of blood. And lurking above it all, guarded by a genocidal A.I. construct, is the secret that threatens to dismantle a perfect world—and Stasik himself.

Don’t miss this breakneck science fiction thriller set in an alternative history rife with political intrigue, espionage, artificial intelligence, and a conspiracy you'll never believe. Operation Brushfire is perfect for fans of Douglas E. Richards, Michael Crichton, and Dean Koontz.

Rhett mentioned the book is on sale for a very limited time, so click over and download it right now!


In StoryOrigin swaps this week we’ve got two excellent selections for your perusal.

Ghost Ranger by Dayne Edmondson is an action-packed space opera that kicks off The Seven Stars Universe series.

My name is Rachel. I died and rose again.

I was an ordinary high school girl when a viral plague spread across my planet. Those that died rose again as mindless zombies. Fortunately, science came to the rescue and gave me back my mind. As a conscious zombie, I gained exceptional powers – speed, strength and more. That, plus a secret heritage, changed my life forever.

The outside world didn't accept my kind, however, and soon I decided to join the military. I trained to become an Army Ranger.

Now, as an elite undead killing machine, I must make a choice. Allegiance to my kind or to the Federation. Choose wrong and I could die…for good.

Don’t miss it!


First Command by Jay Toney is a wonderful sci-fi short, and it’s priced right!

Bartholomew Roberts is retiring, leaving his son in command of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. It is his first command, and it may be his last. The Alliance will do everything in their power to ensure that he fails.

Failure in the Alliance is not tolerated. If Doc Roberts is lucky, they will hang him. If not, he will be sent to a reeducation center, mind-wiped, and a control collar will be placed around his neck, then he will be paraded in the streets of Avalon’s capital city, as an example of what happens to people who fail in their missions.

He can’t afford to fail!

Check it out!


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We’ll be back this weekend with more recommendations. Until next time, happy reading!