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Science Fiction Box Set

Sometimes you can broadly categorize books based on the general premise. This can help you know what to expect, at least in terms of tropes. For science fiction, we have long had different ones like dystopia, time travel, and alien invasions.

More recently in fantasy, we’ve seen old fashioned love triangles melded into paranormal settings, like a human girl falling for both a werewolf and a vampire such as in the Twilight series. And of course, who can forget the whole Academy thing popularized by Harry Potter?

Academies, by the way, serve as excellent plot devices because the characters advance in knowledge as well as skills as the school years progress. Also academies are closed environments in which readers can savor the characteristics of love interests, friends and oddball professors, plus live vicariously through some teen angst with all the (now supernaturally enhanced) cliques and social pressures.

One other broad motif in speculative fiction is the dystopian games setting, popularized in The Hunger Games. Into this category it’s safe to say J.S. Arquin’s new trilogy Crimson Dust falls.

This time an entire world filled with virtual/augmented reality serves as The Game, and our hero matches wits with a ruling class intent on keeping the populace down.

Crimson Dust is brand new this month. Arquin is a relatively new author, but the few reviews he’s gotten so far have been uniformly good. Click over and give his trilogy a look.

Free Urban Fantasy

In book one of the Unbounded series, our heroine discovers she has a recessive gene giving her extraordinary powers.

Leaving her old life behind, she finds herself in the middle of a monumental battle between two opposing groups. Only she stands between the extinction of her kind and the enslavement of all humanity.

The Change by Teyla Branton is first in the Unbounded series, and is permafree. It is very highly rated, with over 2,300 reviews on Amazon at a solid 4.5 average. The series itself is up to 8 books now, with the latest due to come out May 1, so if you enjoy this story there are plenty more to indulge in after finishing.

Click over and check out The Change right now.

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